At Dales Consulting we are continually striving to help our clients be the very best version of themselves. Finding your purpose and passion and then actively developing the lifestyle that supports you on your journey is what we are especially great at!

Working with individual leaders, whole teams and sometimes entire companies, we find a way to allow everyone to operate at their very best. When you are able to be the person you would aspire to be, and that is valued by your colleagues, you are able to ‘move mountains’.

Imagine what happens to a business if a whole team is operating with joy, passion and enthusiasm. It is unstoppable. Your clients love you. You business thrives. And best of all, the families your support also reap amazing benefits. It is a win:win all round. Why wouldn’t you want that??

Our team consists of:

Lynda Fussell – the main driver and source of non-stop ideas…. 

Trish Smith – she who makes everything happen!

Lyrabell – the lass who keeps us invigorated and inspired 🙂

Rupert – cuteness and endless energy

Other wonderful people who join us for specific assignments enabling a really thorough fit of skills and expertise.