Leadership Coaching

With increased responsibility comes increased stress often through additional 'management requirements', supporting and leading a team of people, looking ahead at what can be done differently and how to meet the inevitable targets.
Support for new leaders, from those managing teams of people through to newly appointed department heads. Promotions are aspired for but can come at a cost. Navigating the change with ‘someone in your corner’ can ease the experience and benefit everyone around you – work, family and friends..
  • Initial meet and define

    Agree the process

    Regular check ins

    Adhoc support

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  • If you are unsure if this is for you, let's have a no-obligation chat and explore further

Innovation & Ideas Management

Every day we all have thoughts and ideas that could benefit our colleagues, the bottom line or ideally our customer experience. Imagine you could capture those ideas, filter them, prioritise and bring the best to life.
Are you capturing, assessing and prioritising the amazing ideas that flow from your team? If not you are losing out. Let’s have a chat and explore how you could show your appreciate to your team and capture the additional value many brains and insights have to offer.
  • Objective setting¬†
    Planning for success
    Engagement and feedback
    Refinement and results

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  • Success is key
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Thriving Through Change

There may be a terrific storm, flooding even, we can't change the situation but we can change the way we respond, act and react. We have this ability. We are human. We are amazing really!
If we are truly confident in who we are, what we stand for, our values and what we believe, surely we would embrace the changes that enable us to further develop, learn and test new skills, and ultimately grow??
  • 30-minute private call to understand your objectives and how we can support you. All programmes and personal sessions include:

    • Coaching sessions
    • Motivation messages
    • Homework exercises..
    • Live Q&A times each week
    • Access to a community forum
    • Email support throughout
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  • Personal coaching to help you survive, cope and ultimately thrive


    Join one of our group coaching programmes where we work in together over a few months and experience the power of community.